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How to Use Masturbator Sleeves

If you're tired of giving yourself the same humdrum hand job then maybe you should try a penis masturbator sleeve (Power Piston). Penis Masturbator sleeves are soft sleeves of stretchy rubber or flesh like material that give your penis extra stimulation and can simulate the orifice of your choice. Put your tool in the gentle-but-firm grasp of one of these sex toys and you'll be shooting your load in no time.

"Put your tool in the gentle-but-firm grasp of one of these sex toys and you'll be shooting your load in no time."


Here Pussy Pussy

Masturbator sleeves shaped like female genitalia have been around for a long time and are traditionally called pocket pussies (Magic Flesh Vibrating Mini Slut). Some of these moulded rubber love aids are truly scary and are strictly novelty shop quality. Fortunately the sex toy industry has advanced and thanks to breakthroughs in materials like Cyberskin and jelly, masturbators now look and feel much nicer (Thrust Box Countess Vagina Flesh).

One in the Hand

As opposed to realistic vaginas and anal simulators, masturbators are smaller handheld devices that fit snugly over the penis and in the palm (Little Miss Lucy). There is some overlap between vagina and anus stimulators and masturbators but in general masturbators are the more compact & a less expensive alternative to models with all the bells and whistles.

"...masturbators are smaller handheld devices that fit snugly over the penis and in the palm..."


Popular brands of masturbators include the Magic Flesh & Little Miss Lucy both of which are Cyberskin type inserts.

More commonly, a masturbator is simply a Cyberskin or jelly rubber sleeve that fits over the penis and is stroked up and down on it with your hand e.g. Hand Job Stroker.

My Cock Fits in Where?

Many masturbators, especially those made of jelly rubber or Cyberskin material, have very small openings. Initially, you may look at them and wonder how on earth your cock is supposed to fit into an aperture no wider than a pencil sharpener, but fear not. These soft rubber sleeves are incredibly stretchy. You'll be amazed at their ability to accommodate your massive member. Add a bit of water based sexual lubricant and you should have no trouble sliding into one.

"You'll be amazed at their ability to accommodate your massive member."


On the inside, the sleeve embraces your cock, exerting gentle pressure along the shaft. Some feature inner nodules or ridges for extra sensation as you stroke on them (Hand Job Stroker). You can vary the pressure with your hand, although some masturbators also incorporate pumping devices or inflatable cuffs to augment the squeeze (Oro Stimulator). The amount of pressure on your cock should never be uncomfortable.

Because having anything wrapped around your cock can decrease blood circulation, never leave a masturbator sleeve in place for more than 30 minutes.

Blow Me, Screw You

There are masturbators to cater to a variety of fantasies and maybe some you haven't even thought of. You can buy masturbators with openings moulded in the shape of female or male lips (Blow Hard Masturbator), pussies (Pussy Lips Vagina), or female and male asses for example, Ass Palm Pal. Some masturbators even put these features together in anatomically incorrect combinations like sleeves with a pussy on one end and an ass on the other.

Slip and Slide

The two disadvantages of masturbator sex toys are:

Cleaning Your Penis Masturbator Sex Toy

To clean your sex toy masturbator, rinse it under warm water and wash with a mild antibacterial soap, like hand soap. Be sure to clean out the inside; turn it inside out if you can and if not, wash in there with your fingers. Pat dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Again turn it inside out if you can. Cyberskin will withstand this, although you have to be careful no to tear it. If your sex toy is rubber, silicone, or jelly, once it's thoroughly dry, you're done. Cyberskin sex toys need to be dusted with talcum powder to keep the surface from getting sticky. Be sure to powder the inside too. Wrap the sex toy masturbator in a clean, dry cloth and store in a drawer or other secure spot until the next use.

Top Tips for Masturbator Sex Toys

  1. Sexual lubrication always makes masturbation more fun and is essential with a masturbator sex toy. Water based sexual lubes like KY Jelly are the best choice for use with masturbator sex toys. Water based sexual lubricants clean up easily and won't react with the material of the sex toy. Depending on whether the masturbator sex toy is rubber, Cyberskin or silicone, oil based or silicone based sexual lube can cause it to disintegrate. Water based sexual lubricant is always a safe bet.
  2. Handle masturbator sex toys with care. Masturbator sex toys are made from materials that are stretchy and resilient but not all that durable. Whether your sex toy is jelly, silicone, or Cyberskin, it needs to be handled with care. Any nick or tear in the surface will quickly grow, so keep it away from sharp objects and edges. Be careful when putting it on and removing it from your penis and keep it away from rings, watches, or any other jewellery that might snag the surface.
  3. Use short strokes with your masturbator sex toy. If your masturbator sex toy is short in length, you may need to use short, quick strokes while masturbating to keep it from repeatedly slipping off or shooting off the end of your cock. Once it's lubricated it may be hard to get back on. Masturbate harder going towards yourself and try to get the majority of your stimulation on the down stroke.
  4. Practice cunnilingus on your masturbator sex toy. Want to brush up on your muff diving technique without feeling self conscious? A masturbator sex toy moulded to resemble a pussy with some degree of anatomical accuracy can be your practice model. Buff up your tongue muscles or try out a new trick. Feel weird about it because you've been sticking your dick in there? Well, if you were eating a real pussy, you'd be sticking your dick in it too, right?
  5. Hump your masturbator sex toy. Many men enjoy masturbating by securing a bag or receptacle in a couch or mattress and humping it. If this is your preferred method for masturbating, you can incorporate a masturbator sex toy sleeve by putting it inside a canister and slipping it between the cushions or mattresses. Be sure to put the masturbator sex toy inside a covering, because they are made of materials that easily attract lint and debris.
  6. Don't share your masturbator sex toy. Masturbators sex toys are usually made of jelly rubber, Cyberskin and other materials that are semi-porous and difficult to disinfect thoroughly. For that reason, it's not a good idea to share or use someone else's masturbator sex toy because you could transfer germs that carry STDs and infections like herpes or venereal warts.
  7. Keep your masturbator sex toy clean. After use, wash your masturbator sex toy thoroughly inside and out with warm water or a sex toy cleaner. Turn it inside out if possible. Pat dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  8. Dust your masturbator sex toy off. If your masturbator sex toy is made of Cyberskin, it needs to be dusted with talcum powder after cleaning to prolong its life. Be sure to dust the inside of the masturbator sex toy as well. This will keep it from getting sticky and attracting lint. In any case, store your masturbator sex toy wrapped in a clean cloth to keep dust and lint away from the surface.
  9. Keep a towel handy. Things can get pretty slippery when you're using a handheld masturbator sex toy and have sexual lubrication on your penis, your hand, and the masturbator sex toy sleeve. To keep your grip, have a towel handy to wipe off your palm and the outside of the masturbator sex toy. If you're really serious about getting some traction on the outside, chalk your palm with some talcum powder.
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